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lucky bun original

The Lucky Bun burger is grilled and served on a torta roll, seasoned with a house marinade and blend of Asian spices.

We have Lucky Buns and you can too!

They’re not just burgers, they’re Lucky Buns. Our selection of burgers is inspired by the flavors that are the standouts in American fusion cuisine. From our Asian inspired  Original Lucky Bun, to the southwestern New Mexico Lucky Bun, or the real Americana Happy Cow Lucky Bun, our signature is the bun…a full bodied torta that stands up to our addicting aiolis and sauces.


Tom and "Lucky Girl" Nancy.

When people see the logo they ask why it doesn’t look like me. My reply is that it isn’t me. It is representative of the genesis of the business, and of our family.

My daughter-in-law, Mary, is Vietnamese and Lao and we have a shared love of writing and cooking. A number of years ago she asked me to read a short story she was working on. In the story the central character is an Asian girl named Kat. She works for her single father at his restaurant, a Chinese restaurant/truck stop, which is famous for his hamburger. The restaurant is named Lucky’s and the short story is titled Lucky Girl.

As I read the recipe in the story I asked Mary if this is a recipe she uses. She said she just made it up but had never tried it. So we did, and after some tinkering with the ingredients and processes, and perfecting the presentation, the Lucky Bun was born and Lucky Girl Café was created.

So the girl in the logo is a symbol of our family and our flagship sandwich. It is the blending of cultures, like our two little grand-daughters…our lucky buns!



Lucky Girl's Chili Dog special. Head over to our Facebook page for daily specials.

Our Daily Specials are posted on facebook.



We would love to work with you on your catering needs to make your event a success.



Man cannot live by burgers alone…so give our Asian Street Tacos or other specials a try.



Slow braised chicken seasoned with Asian spices and finished with our Original Lucky Bun garnish and peanut sauce. If you like a little heat add Sriracha!

"...Tucson Arizona's freshest food truck and catering."



Look for the Lucky Girl Café food truck serving the hungry people of Tucson, Sahuarita, Marana and Tubac, Arizona.


Links to some of our regular venues.